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ESG Health Conditions

be-fitter is an assessment tool that helps companies to evaluate the “Social” aspect of their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performances.

It aims to encourage companies to embrace and incorporate sustainability into their business strategies, which is key to stimulating growth and increasing profits.

  • Understand Your Social Performance

    Check your ESG health at a glance

  • Suitable for All Businesses

    Befitting of all business sizes

  • Identify Areas of Excellence

    Social progress by category

  • How to be-fitter

    Consultation session with recommendations

How it works

The tools use data submitted by the company to assess various elements, focusing on their environmental and social performances.

A “health-check” report will be generated for companies to analyse their current ESG progress against their industry benchmarks.


Collect Your ESG Data


Assess Your Performances


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Plan Packages


$3,500 / per company
  • Assess 1-Year of ESG Data in
    Environmental Criteria
  • be-fitter Report


$2,800 / per company
  • Assess 1-Year of ESG Data in
    Social Criteria
  • be-fitter Report

Add-on assessments


$5,000 / per company
  • Assess up to 2-Year ESG Data
  • be-fitter Report
  • Brief Consultation Session
  • A Free Seat on ESG Training Course (Original: $2,000/seat)


$3,990 / per company
  • Assess up to 3-Year ESG Data
  • be-fitter Report
  • Extended Consultation Session
  • 3 Free Seats on ESG Training Course (Original: $2,000/seat)