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The United Nations has set year 2030 as the deadline for all their 193 member states to achieve all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This creates a potential US$12 trillion market according to PA Consulting and the Better Business Better World report by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission. According to Bill Gate’s “Goalkeepers – The Stories Behind the Data”, data as well as the knowledge behind are essential for stakeholders to contribute and meet these goals.

However, there exists a significant gap between the state of today’s data and the needs of the market when it comes to achieving the Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations. The necessary data may either be unavailable or inaccessible, or even if available, are unstructured, incomplete or in hybrid mode. Apparently, individual experts alone cannot bridge this gap. Instead, we need different players with different skills and motives to contribute together.

We are thus creating an ecosystem, SDG Wiki, to bring data seekers, data owners and data workers together to make data more accessible and usable.  We aim to continuously improve the quality of the data by providing an online platform with the necessary incentives to facilitate the participation and contribution of these data stakeholders.


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