Office Visit by Mr. KS Wong

We are very honored that Mr. KS Wong, Secretary for the Environment visited our office at Cyberport Hong Kong last Friday to interact with our team. Lavin Yeung, Thomas Ho and Jason Wu had a very great chat with Mr. Wong, sharing their thoughts on the Environment Protection Department’s (EPD’s) current Graduates Subsidy Programme.

Mr. KS Wong is chatting with Lavin and Thomas
Mr. KS Wong is chatting with Lavin and Thomas

With the COVID-19 situation, it’s been very difficult for new graduates to look for their first jobs. In an effort to provide work opportunities and nurture talents in areas relating to environmental and sustainable development, the EPD has launched this programme to subsidize private companies and organizations for employing these graduates.

Everyone in our team has their focus on one of the sustainable development goals

It’s our corporate responsibility to nurture young talents. Promoting lifelong learning opportunities is one of our priorities!

Stay tuned for the Interview Video!