What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance respectively, which are a set of standards for environmentally conscious investors to use in making investment decisions. The environmental criteria looks at a company’s emissions, use of resources, and the company’s impact on the environment and natural resources. The social criteria examines a company’s employment and labour practices, operating practices, and community investment. Governance looks into a company’s policies and how a company is governed as well as other areas such as corruption, board diversity and structure.


ESG代表環境、社會及管治(Environmental, Social and Governance),是負責任投資者用於投資決策的一套標準。環境方面注重公司的排放、資源使用和對環境和天然資源的影響;社會方面考慮公司的僱員和勞工實踐、運營和社區投資;管治則衡量公司的政策和管治方式,以及反貪污、董事會結構和人員的多元化等領域。