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In Taiwan, the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) obliges some listed companies to publish their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports with reference to the recommended Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. Listed companies are required to report on their sustainability policies and performances, for which they need to collect quantitative information regarding various environmental aspects. However, the data is distributed across departments and subsidiaries. And most listed companies may not have a data collection mechanism in place. They very often resort to outsourcing the task to third parties. Yet the costly and time-consuming process may not yield good reporting outcomes.


ESG Dashboard powered by Kvikoo (pronounced “quick” “cool”) was developed leveraging more than 30 years of unique knowledge or experience in sustainability to help listed companies with sustainability reporting in a quick and cool manner. Based in Hong Kong, it is a HKQAA-accredited online platform that provides safe storage of all your sustainability data so you can access, retrieve and update the data anytime anywhere.

An edition of ESG Dashboard powered by Kvikoo to help TWSE listed companies with fast sustainability reporting is in development and scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2019.

If you would like to learn more about the subscription plans or subscribe to the platform, please click here or email to Stay tuned!


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台灣證券交易所(TWSE)要求部分上市公司參考全球報告倡議組織(GRI)的 GRI準則(GRI Standards)申報企業社會責任(CSR)報告書,報告其永續發展措施和績效成果,為此企業需收集大量環境數據用作計算。然而,數據散布在各子公司不同部門,大部分企業沒有統一收集數據的機制,使收集數據和制作報告書的過程欠缺效率;部分公司選擇把報告工作外判第三方公司,涉及大量文書交流和消息傳遞,過程冗長,耗時耗費。


益思智將於二零一九年第三季推 出符合GRI準則的版本,協助台灣的上市公司製作合規的CSR報告書。





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