There are different ways to be a partnership with SDG Wiki. Working with us now so you can enjoy data potluck to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Here are data providers and app developers who provide data to SDG Wiki or using SDG Wiki’s data to develop apps.

Data Providers

Esri China (HK)

Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited is the premier Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping solutions provider in Hong Kong and Macao. As an international office of Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri), the world leader of GIS software, we aim to bring state-of-the-art GIS technology from Esri to the local users.

Esri China (HK) delivers innovative GIS solutions, and professional consulting and implementation services to help organizations deploy GIS on their own for strengthening their business and competitiveness.

EPD 24H AQHI, Real-Time Parking Vacancy, Car Park Data … etc are the data provided by Esri China (Hong Kong) on SDG Wiki.



Helping you to identify, access and evaluate “everyday quiet areas” in your neighbourhoods. You can find places such as small, quiet spots where you can go to escape the city’s chaos, relax, read a book, play with your kids, and have a pleasant conversation.

Datasets used/ provide:

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 What you can earn from being a data provider on SDG Wiki

Open data on SDG Wiki can bring you to the data revolution. Helping the mainstream business by open data on SDG Wiki as the public, data workers can use the data to bring the new knowledge. For example, the transportation app developers can use the bus companies’ data to develop a transportation app. So more people would try to take the bus recommended by the app. It would bring more new customers and improve mainstream business to the bus company.

Also, you could open data at the same time making a profit. We provide a data potluck platform for you to do the data transaction. All you need is to set a price and upload your data. Why not?

SDG Wiki provides an open editing data platform to save your money and time to build a database or seek data. This feature could lead to unlimited and self-improving data in the easiest way to open data.

How to be a data provider

Create an account

It’s free and easy to create a listing on SDG Wiki. All you need are the email address, a password or you can link to your facebook.

Edit data

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Describe your data, the data collection method, the latest update and what does it include and details.
You can open data for free or set a pricing for your data, our pricing tool can recommend competitive rates, but what you charge is always up to you.

You’re in control

With SDG Wiki value-added service, you’re in full control of your data ownership and data price. You can handle the process of data transaction however you like.

We are always here to help

SDG Wiki offers tools, 24/7 support, and an online forum for questions and discussions on the data.