What make us unique

TOKEN – Technology, Opportunities, Knowledge, Experience, and Network.

  • Technology: artificial intelligence, internet of things, geospatial, data analytics
  • Opportunities: projects, financing, re-financing, restructuring
  • Knowledge & Experience: due diligence, risk assessment, independent checking, second opinion, reporting, data workers
  • Network: investor relations, human capital, financial capital

Our Value Proposition: Why does ESG Matter?

In the financial world, ESG performance is now a core value in making decisions in any form of impact investing. From green finance and responsible investing, to sustainable financing and climate bond, ESG can be a useful tool (indicator) for:

  • Improved risk management,
  • Improved operational efficiency,
  • Significant cost-savings,
  • Better decision making, and
  • Improved stakeholder trust.

Depending on the target customers, we offer tailored, integrated, and comprehensive solutions to meet any needs and challenges.