For companies considering investing in green projects in order to achieve a sustainable, low-carbon economy.


  • Lack of knowledge in the actual green elements of the projects as claimed by the project owners
  • Lack of knowledge as the financial and technical feasibilities of green projects
  • Missing opportunities to create synergies with existing invested projects by restructuring project portfolio
  • Difficulty in sourcing trustworthy green projects

Our Solutions

  • ESG Advisors provide specialist consultancy services reviewing the project documents as provided by the project owners and providing verifications and advising recommendations for investors to consider when making decisions.
  • ESG Advisors provide recommendations to establish corporate leadership and investment project management framework and policies when investing in green projects.
  • ESG Dashboard facilitates easy data conversion and automatic report generation for existing invested companies and creates a high-level overview to review performance across the board.
  • ESG Data Workers support tedious work on data entry, alignment, checking, transcription, etc. on data provided by project owners.
  • BondGreen provides listings of trusted, quality green projects.