HKEx ESG Reporting


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HKEx’s listed companies are required to disclose their ESG performance and reveal their key performance indicators (KPIs) including carbon emissions, air pollutant emissions, energy and water consumptions, which require quantitative information regarding various environmental aspects. However, most companies face many challenges when preparing their ESG reports which includes:

    • Data required for ESG reporting is distributed across departments and subsidiaries, making the data collection process inefficient and unstructured.
    • Companies are unfamiliar with what kind of information is required to calculate KPIs
    • Companies may not have the technical expertise to turn raw data into KPIs required by HKEx

Recognising the difficulties listed companies face in ESG reporting, we leveraged more than 30 years of unique knowledge and experience in sustainability to develop ESG Dashboard powered by Kvikoo, a fast, efficient and affordable online tool that helps companies to generate ESG reports.

It is an one-stop online platform that provides safe storage of all your ESG data so you can access, retrieve and update the data anytime anywhere. It streamlines ESG reporting for listed companies by standardising 80% of the reporting process while saving 50% of the cost.



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  2. 企業欠缺相關經驗和專業技術把大量原始數據轉換為所需的關鍵績效指標;
  3. 部分企業選擇把報告工作外判給第三方公司,過程冗長,耗時耗費。