For companies recognizing the value of ESG-reporting.


  • Lack of in-house resources
  • Lack of knowledge and/or skills in Sustainability and ESG
  • Lack of efficient systems for ESG reporting processes
  • Lack of data, and/or absence of data collection policies, mechanisms, databases, etc.
  • Lack of understanding how ESG links to business operations
  • High costs of outsourcing
  • High investment in time and effort to communicate business operations to external, outsourced parties

Our Solutions

  • ESG Advisors provide strategic recommendations to establish a corporate ESG leadership and management framework, develop executable ESG action plans, and advise on review mechanisms for continuous improvement
  • ESG Dashboard facilitates easy data conversion and automatic report generation
  • ESG Data Workers support tedious work on data entry, alignment, checking, transcription, etc.

ESG Dashboard is a web-based report generator that helps listed companies generate ESG reports that meet the requirements of HKEx quickly and easily.


  • A ready-made template that standardises the report process
  • A collaborative data management approach that allows multiple users data input and management
  • Instantly converting raw data into KPIs required by the HKEx requirements without inputting formulae on the part of the user


  • Tracking ESG performance and improvements on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
  • Understanding environmental performance for better decision making to further achieve their environmental goals
  • Improving sustainability and reducing environmental impacts
  • Attracting environmentally-concerned investors
  • Building better relations with stakeholders by providing better-quality ESG data