GSP 2.0 Model

GSP 2.0

Developed by Dr Glenn Frommer, the GSP 2.0 model is a reporting framework  that clearly aligns reporting requirements to a company’s goals, its systems and its drive for competitive advantage. This is easily illustrated by mapping the GRI Standard series onto the GSP 2.0 model. The ideal framework using competencies as the reporting management architecture is illustrated in the above diagram.

Here’s the GSP 2.0 model in brief.

  1.     GRI and GSP 2.0 are both rooted in compliance and governance.
  2.     GSP 2.0 provides a practical framework for using the GRI Reporting Standards (Series 100-400) to improve a company’s operations and development goals.
  3.     GSP 2.0 aligns the Topic Specific Standards (Series 200 – 400) with specific competencies, so that resources can be identified, gaps can be identified, treatment improved and progress tracked.
  4.     Trajectories/pathways mapped through the competencies reflect the material issues and how they are managed.

With GSP 2.0, organisations can set up and navigate their own strategic transformation using existing strengths and systems. This is realised by developing pathways that leverage internal business systems and people capital to achieve stated goals while integrating reporting requirements.