Green Bond Certification Services

The Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) has developed the Green Finance Certification Scheme to provide a third-party conformity assessment to Green Bond Issuers, further enhancing the credibility and stakeholder confidence towards green financial instruments and assurance to investors.

The Scheme offers two types of certification, Pre-Issuance Stage Certificate and Post-Issuance Stage Certificate.
pre and post issuance stage certificates

Our Services

pre-issuance stage

Environmental method statementWe develop and formulate
comprehensive Environmental Method Statements in compliance with the Pre-Issuance stage of the Green Finance Certification Scheme, which shall include

  • The Intended Green Category(ies) of Applicable Projects and Positive Environmental Effect
  • Green Project Selection Mechanism
  • Green Project Evaluation Mechanism
  • Use and Management of Proceeds Plan
  • Information Disclosure plan
  • Impact assessment Plan
  • Stakeholder Plan

implementation stage

Value-adding services and technology 1
We provide Value-adding services and technology
to help you deliver your commitments stated in the Environmental Method Statements.

Value-adding services and technology

Our expertise

Our expertise word

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Environmental method statement


  • 所適用項目預期的綠色類別與正面環境影響
  • 綠色項目篩選機制
  • 綠色項目評價機制
  • 募集資金的使用及管理方案
  • 披露資料方案
  • 影響評估方案
  • 持分者參與方案


Value-adding services and technology 1
我們提供加值服務和技術幫助您履行環境方法聲明中的承諾。1 (2)

1 (2)
1 (2)