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22 July 2020

The founder of ESG Matters, Dr. Glenn Frommer, is our bearded grandpa of sustainability. His life experience and caring character have earned him this familial title. How did he go from being an aerospace student to a sustainability pioneer? Let’s find out more about his journey!

02 June 2020

Ever wonder how to get started with #ESG? Do investors actually read ESG reports? Do they improve #businessperformance? Tune in tomorrow night – our founder, Glenn Frommer will be sharing his extensive ESG knowledge and expertise in a webinar on Wednesday, June 3rd at 8pm (GMT+08): .

18 May 2020

Will COVID-19 wake us up and lead to better, more uniform ESG reporting? We need a “Rosetta Stone” to translate between all the various ESG frameworks across all the various sectors and understand what they mean.

16 April 2020

There is no doubt that financial data matters to companies. Are you going to make ESG data matter to you too when considering the health and safety of human capital, the impact of the supply chain, and your business’s behaviour to the planet?

20 October 2019

Written by ESG Matters’ founder Dr. Frommer, the article “Re-organizing for the True Benefit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals” tells you how we get to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from where we are now.