ESG Matters Presents

ESG People of The Year

Announcement Day & ESG Who Matters – Social Night
02 November 2020
19:00 – 20:00 (HKT)

Introducing the

Across the environmental, social and governance communities, who matters? We present the #ESGPeopleOfTheYear — the most influential leaders in ESG from search engines and social media platforms.

With sustainability and ESG becoming such a hot topic amidst COVID-19, we collaborated with a team of experts on the search engines and social media platforms to see #WhoMattersInESG. We finalised a list of 50 people from all around the globe. We looked at search results on search engines as well as social media platforms and our list ranks the individuals whose posts drive ideas and promote change and disruptive innovations within the ESG sector.


A virtual gathering celebrating Hong Kong Fintech Week and a part of the ESG Festival, this event will:

(1) Unveil the Top 50 ESG People of the Year; and
(2) Feature spectacular performances by Dicky and his friends

Nominations are closed!

Do you know a colleague, client, or a friend who deserves to be celebrated? Nominations are now open. Just fill in the form below to provide the name of the nominee and your justification for why that person should be recognized as one of the ESG People of the Year. 

The full list of ESG People of the Year will be announced on 02 Nov 2020. Stay tuned!

    To celebrate, we invited four guests to perform on the announcement day.

    Colleen Lau


    Dicky Lo

    Advisor, ESG Matters

    Wilson Kwok


    Dr Charm


    Join us on the day