Cyber risk management is an essential part of governing, as revealed by Harvard University Professor Eric Rosenbach (Source: Forbes).

Innovation comes in many forms, as do attacks. More than HK$2 billion has been lost financially because of cyberattacks in Hong Kong in 2018. Whether you are an SME or a multi-national corporation, your data is valuable; investing in cybersecurity earns you a reputation in the big data world.

Nowadays, adaptive cyber security solutions are essential when we are facing the change of reactive systems and network’s nature. The Internet of Things (IoT) has added more connected devices into the mix, adding an additional layer of vulnerability. Businesses need cyber tools to safeguard sensitive company information.

Our ESG Cyber Protection Services are designed to give you peace of mind.

Quick to Install

Plug-and-play, complementing your existing anti-virus and firewall.

Easy to Use

Intuitive interface provides all key information at a glance

Highly Effective

Gives you full visibility of your network while protecting it 24/7


- Auditing the internet connection and all of the services being accessed by your network
- Tracking which devices are using particular services
- Logging this activity, which can help with GDPR compliance


- Spotting any unusual behaviour and trends
- Detecting new devices if and when they connect to your network


- Enabling you to ban or quarantine suspicious devices and internet services
- Automatically blocking ransomware, malware, phishing, zero-day attacks and other nasties that can sometimes bypass traditional firewalls and anti-virus