[SALE] Cheap Flights Pricing Dataset

  Description: 這些數據顯示了香港快運航空七個目的地的價格。 數據集中包含目的地名稱,一個月內的價格和日期。 這些數據每天都會更新,因此它會顯示當天至在下個月相同日子的定價。 它可以用於搜尋從香港快運航空最便宜的航班, 它也可以用來幫助航空公司製定定價策略。 This data shows the pricing of seven destinations of Hong Kong Express Airways. Name of destinations, pricing, and date within a month are included in the dataset.  This data updates every day so it shows the pricing till the same day next month. It can be used for … Continue reading [SALE] Cheap Flights Pricing Dataset

[NEWS] Global Targets Agreed for SDG Road Safety Progress

FIA Foundation Deputy Director Avi Silverman said: “These targets are essential if there is to be global progress towards the SDG agenda on road safety. They provide a clear set of actions to be prioritized by governments worldwide. And importantly, they take into account the needs of children and the vulnerable, setting the key objectives … Continue reading [NEWS] Global Targets Agreed for SDG Road Safety Progress