[NEWS] SDGs Youth World Cup

世界杯在俄羅斯舉行時,數十名紐約市兒童將參加由聯合國贊助的全球足球錦標賽青年版。 這是星期六在該城市的蘭德爾斯島公園舉行的活動,由聯合國和聯合國機構在摩納哥聯合特派團的組織下進行組織。 這些團隊包括10到14歲的男孩和女孩參加城市課外活動,他們將代表比利時,法國,德國,摩洛哥,秘魯,韓國,俄羅斯和塞內加爾等八個國家。 While the World Cup plays out in Russia, dozens of New York City children are set to play in a U.N.-sponsored youth version of the global soccer tournament. It’s happening Saturday at the city’s Randalls Island park and is being organized by Monaco’s U.N. mission with help from the U.N. and city … Continue reading [NEWS] SDGs Youth World Cup

[NEWS] IMO Supports Implementing UN SDGS

這是IMO支持實現聯合國可持續發展目標(SDGs)和2030年可持續發展議程的一種方式。 正在舉行其第六十八屆會議(6月18日至20日)的技術合作委員會將更新關於海事組織關鍵能力建設方案,包括婦女參與海運方案和協助會員國製定國家海運政策。 This is one way in which IMO supports the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Technical Cooperation Committee, which is meeting for its 68th session (18-20 June), will be updated on key IMO capacity-building programmes, including the women in maritime programme and assistance … Continue reading [NEWS] IMO Supports Implementing UN SDGS

[NEWS] Episcopal Relief & Development Responding to Volcano Eruption in Hawaii

主教救濟與發展(https://www.episcopalrelief.org/)與夏威夷主教管區(http://www.episcopalhawaii.org/)和希洛聖使徒教會合作,在5月3日,基拉韋厄火山在夏威夷的大島首次爆發。從火山噴出的熔岩消滅了數百個房屋。數千人被迫撤離,其中包括位於疏散區北部半小時的聖使徒教堂的一些成員。 6月6日星期三,基拉韋厄峰會爆發,引發5.4級地震。主教救濟和發展部門的支持為住在緊急避難所的撤離人員提供洗衣服務,並為受影響地區的學校提供9台空氣淨化器。普納地區的空氣質量因爆發中的二氧化硫而惡化。地方當局一直在分發麵罩以防灰,但面罩不能防止蒸汽和氣體。因此,需要空氣淨化器,特別是在學校。 Episcopal Relief & Development (https://www.episcopalrelief.org/) is partnering with the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii (http://www.episcopalhawaii.org/) and Church of the Holy Apostles in Hilo to provide emergency assistance after the Kilauea volcano first erupted on Hawaii's Big Island on May 3. Lava flows from the volcano wiped out hundreds of homes. Thousands were forced to … Continue reading [NEWS] Episcopal Relief & Development Responding to Volcano Eruption in Hawaii

[NEWS] What are You Eating Today?

今天是可持續的美食日,並且是一個擁抱對地球有益的飲食習慣的場合。 全球認為,在當地就餐是全球公民在購物時應該考慮的重要信息之一。 “大會,聯合國教育,科學及文化組織(教科文組織)和糧食及農業組織(糧農組織)致力於與會員國,聯合國組織和其他國際和區域機構合作,促進可持續美食日的舉辦 ,以及民間社會,觀察這一天,提高公眾對可持續發展貢獻的認識,“專門的聯合國網站透露。 Today is Sustainable Gastronomy Day and an occasion to embrace eating habits that are good for the planet. Think globally, eat locally is one of the big messages citizens worldwide are being encouraged to think about when they go shopping. “The General Assembly, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the … Continue reading [NEWS] What are You Eating Today?

[NEWS] BAT Wins AREA Awards for Green Leadership

英美煙草公司(英美煙草公司)孟加拉國榮獲國際榮譽獎,2018年亞洲責任企業獎(AREA),其企業社會責任倡議Deepto在綠色領導類下。 該獎項最近在菲律賓馬尼拉舉行的國際企業社會責任峰會2018上交出。 英美煙草孟加拉國法律和外部事務部負責人Mubina Asaf代表該公司收到該獎項。 2011年啟動的Deepto是利用可再生能源為山區地區的離網區域帶來電力的經濟實惠方式。 迄今為止,已經安裝了2,064套太陽能住宅系統,覆蓋了Bandarban,Khagrachari和Rangamati地區的23個村莊,首次向12,000多人提供電力。 Deepto改變了受益者的社會和經濟狀況,並顯著改善了他們的生活。 British American Tobacco (BAT) Bangladesh received international accolade, the Asia Responsible Enterprise Award 2018 (AREA) for its CSR initiative Deepto under Green Leadership category. The award was handed over at the International CSR Summit 2018 held in Manila, Philippines recently. Mubina Asaf, Head of Legal & External Affairs, … Continue reading [NEWS] BAT Wins AREA Awards for Green Leadership

[NEWS] The Quintessential Feature of Indian Urbanism

以活動和物質存在的形式 - 是印度城市主義和南方全球城市化的基本特徵。城市背景下的非正規性可以從多個框架中理解為空間分類(貧民窟),社會經濟群體(非正式勞動),組織形式(基於規則/關係)和知識與實踐。隨著正式和非正式空間的結合以及印度城市街頭經濟體所見的活動帶來了城市體驗。在其他亞洲城市,例如香港旺角區擁擠不堪的街道,對批評街頭和市場過度擁擠的人提供了反面的敘述:它們充噹噹地人的聚會場所,象徵著吸引外國的亞洲異國情調的混亂和無計劃的空間性遊客。旺角內城區的每個角落都擠滿了交通,購物者,路過的人,嬰兒車,當地人和來自其他地方的遊客。不同用途的街道變化帶來的時間變化 - 筆式空氣市場,車輛,新舊混合的不可預知的混合,商店,路邊餐館增添了街頭生活的活力和活力,並有助於製作。 In the form of activities and material presence – is an essential feature of urbanism in India and the global South in general. Informality in the urban context can be understood from multiple frames as spatial categorization (slum), socio-economic groups (informalized labor), forms of organization (rule-based/relation-based) and knowledge and practices. … Continue reading [NEWS] The Quintessential Feature of Indian Urbanism

[NEWS] Increase Allocation for Education, Health

擬議預算中的教育和衛生撥款分別較去年增加5.2%和13.2%。 專家表示,這兩個行業的配額分別應該增加25%和20%左右,以幫助實現可持續發展目標(SDG)。 事實上,如果孟加拉國想改變未來,實現2010年國家教育政策和2021年遠景規定的目標,並投資於每個人的全民健康覆蓋面,那麼他們應該在教育方面投入更多的資金。 Allocations for education and health in the proposed budget rose by 5.2 percent and 13.2 percent respectively from the outgoing fiscal year's. Experts say that allocations for these two sectors should increase by around 25 and 20 percent, respectively, to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In fact, Bangladesh should invest more … Continue reading [NEWS] Increase Allocation for Education, Health

[NEWS]Meeting Paris Climate Targets will Require a Substantial Reallocation of Global Investment

作者發現,全球能源系統的根本性轉變可以通過整體投資相對適度的增加來實現。 然而,需要將投資從化石燃料轉向可再生能源和能源效率的根本轉變,包括專門投資於實現聯合國可持續發展目標(SDGs)的措施。 作為2015年“巴黎協定”的一部分,許多國家確定了旨在減少溫室氣體排放的國家自主貢獻(NDC)。 該研究證實,像NDC這樣的當前激勵措施不會為改變能源體系所需的投資組合“顯著變化”提供足夠的動力。 The authors find that a fundamental transformation of the global energy system can be achieved with a comparatively modest increase in overall investments. However, a radical shift of investments away from fossil fuels and toward renewables and energy efficiency is needed, including dedicated investments into measures to achieve the United Nations' … Continue reading [NEWS]Meeting Paris Climate Targets will Require a Substantial Reallocation of Global Investment

[NEWS] India Lags Behind in Protecting Its Newborns

缺乏機構衛生基礎設施導致印度在最近發布的聯合國兒童基金會報告中被列為新生兒排名第12位。 Upasana Behar寫道,迫切需要進行系統性的改變以扭轉這種令人擔憂的局面 可持續發展目標(SDG)是一項普遍的行動呼籲,旨在消除貧困,保護地球,確保所有人都享有和平與繁榮。 可持續發展目標為所有國家根據自己的優先事項提供指導方針和目標。 Lack of institutional health infrastructure has led to India being ranked as the 12th worst country for newborns in a recently released UNICEF report. There is a serious need to make systematic changes to reverse this alarming situation, writes Upasana Behar The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a universal call … Continue reading [NEWS] India Lags Behind in Protecting Its Newborns

[NEWS] This is the State of the World’s Health, in Numbers

儘管世界正朝著實現聯合國可持續發展目標邁進,但一份新報告警告,如果要實現雄心勃勃的衛生目標,則迫切需要採取更多行動。 可持續發展目標旨在到2030年糾正全球貧困,飢餓,健康,氣候變化,性別平等和社會不公等問題,並於2015年獲得聯合國大會193名成員的同意。 但世界衛生組織總幹事Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus在報告的介紹中寫道,在2030年之前還有很多事情要做。 While the world is making strides towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a new report warns more action is urgently needed if ambitious health targets are to be met. The SDGs are aimed at redressing global inequalities such as poverty, hunger, health, climate change, gender equality and social injustice … Continue reading [NEWS] This is the State of the World’s Health, in Numbers