Congratulations on becoming the qualified ambassadors for “「企業同心」健康社區大使人員註冊計劃”

Congratulations to May Lit, Tracy LAI and Jessica Yam on becoming the qualified ambassadors for “「企業同心」健康社區大使人員註冊計劃”! They received the ambassadors badges certified by HKQAA after completing the online classes and passing all the tests!

Although Covid19 has been better controlled these days, we still need to keep maintaining our personal hygiene for better well-being. We are so grateful to join this programme increasing our awareness of public health and the caring for society, which are parts of our corporate social responsibility. Let’s work together to fight the pandemic!



ESG Matters has recently participated in the “「企業同心」健康社區大使人員註冊計劃” certified by HKQAA. We are glad to announce that May, Tracy and Jessica, have become the ambassadors of this programme.

Although COVID-19 brings loads of inconvenience to our daily lives, it reminds us the importance of personal hygiene, public health awareness and community care. Join us to raise public health awareness!


Green Event Pledge

We are honoured to be invited by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to participate in their programme Green Event Pledge, supporting the reduction in consumption of one-off disposable items.

It’s common that event organizers in Hong Kong will simply provide disposable cutlery to attendants for the sake of convenience. According to data provided by the EPD, daily plastic dining-ware disposal increased from 154 tonnes to 166 tonnes, or by 7.7% in 2018. An extra 4,380 tonnes of disposable plastic dining-ware were used and dumped into our landfills in just 1 year. If these disposable plastic items had not been collected as garbage, they would probably have been resting forever in our seas or in the stomachs of marine organisms.

To reduce consumption, a step we have taken is to provide reusable cutlery for our staff and guests at our events and encourage them to use it daily. Bringing our own cutlery is easier than we imagined. Let’s rethink our practices and go green together to save the planet.

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Y-Care CSR Scheme

We are thrilled to announce that ESG Matters is now a proud partner of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong’s Y-Care CSR Scheme. Last year, we had the opportunity to support a Japanese designer, who helped us turn fabric scraps into these incredibly soft blankets, to keep the YMCA elderly community warm through the winter.