Green Project Owners

For companies considering obtaining funding for their green projects or issuing green bonds.


  • Lack of knowledge about where to find appropriate, legitimate investors, how to deal with them, or what they need.
  • Lack of knowledge about how to put together a project/environmental statement that can attract appropriate investors.
  • Difficulties obtaining government subsidies/funding.

Our Solutions

  • ESG Advisors identify appropriate investors and provide professional services on documentation, liaisons, meetings, and communications with the potential investors.
  • ESG Dashboard facilitates easy data conversion and automatic report generation to prepare reports as needed by investors.
  • ESG Data Workers supports tedious work on data entry, alignment, checking, transcription, etc. to prepare environmental method statements as needed by investors.
  • BondGreen provides listings of trusted quality investors.
  • ESG Advisors identify the appropriate funding source and provide professional services in preparing the documentation needed for fund application.

Specifically, in Hong Kong, for Green Bond issuers, professional services can be provided to support certification processes, which can further enhance the credibility and stakeholder confidence towards green financial instruments and assurance to investors.

The Scheme offers two types of certification: Pre-Issuance Stage Certificate and Post-Issuance Stage Certificate. During the Pre-Issuance Stage, the validation of environmental method statements for managing Green Projects is required.


Pre-Issuance Stage

ESG Matters delivers expertise, knowledge, and advice on the planning, developing, and evaluation of eligible green projects during the pre-issuance stage and further develops and formulates comprehensive environmental method statements in compliance with the Pre-Issuance stage of the Green Finance Certification Scheme.


Implementation Stage
ESG Matters provides value-adding services and technology to help you deliver your commitments stated in your environmental method statements. Leveraging our extensive experience and innovative technology, we are able to support the implementation of Green Projects through:

  • Green Project Monitoring
    • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement through our online platform ESG Dashboard
    • Carbon auditing to verify environmental performance
    • Water quality survey for potable water to assure health and safety
    • Environmental Monitoring & Auditing
  • Impact Assessment and development of mitigation measures
  • Green Bond Reporting

Our areas of expertise can provide value-adding services and technology for various Green Projects.

  • Green Buildings
    • Sustainability consultancy services on Green Building certifications, i.e., BEAM Plus, WELL, LEED, etc.
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Environmental Design Study using modelling software, i.e., DesignBuilder for daylighting and energy simulation
    • Energy simulation and estimation to monitor energy saving
  • Water Management
  • Solid Waste Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Clean Transportation